Lynlim - ZAP - Medium
Merke :   ZAP
Varenr :   za-PT03
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This is a 1/2oz Bottle of Zap-A-Gap CA+ Glue from Pacer.
Not safe for foam. For foam applications use epoxy or…

Ultra Double-Sided Tape
Merke :   Hudy
Varenr :   hu-107875
På lager:  1

HUDY Ultra Double-sided Tape

* Multi-purpose
* Double-sided
* Extra-strong glue
* Long lasting
* Super easy to remove

The best multi-purpose double-sided tape for all…

Lynlim-  ZAP - Tynn
Merke :   ZAP
Varenr :   za-PT09
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Super-thin penetrating formula. Works great on most materials, especially Balsa and other soft woods. Excellent "wicking" action. Strengthens fiberglass cloth.…

Gjengesikring Zap Blue - Medium
Merke :   ZAP
Varenr :   za-PT42
På lager:  4

Medium styrke
Låser mot vibrasjon
Perfekt for bruk i alle typer RC modeller
Kan demonteres

Velcro Tape With Double Sided Tape 8x500mm
Merke :   Hudy
Varenr :   hu-107872
På lager:  4

* To seal the RC body
* Double side tape on both sides
* 500mm length

Double-sided Velcro® tape…

Tupper for Zap Lynlim (24 Stk)
Merke :   ZAP
Varenr :   za-PT21
På lager:  6

Extension tips for use into hard-to-reach areas
Allows for smaller drops of glue and precision application
Provides maximum use of bottle
24 extened…