Bil 1/10 BSD Truck - Ready To Run<img src=images/rab30.png>
Merke :   BSD-Racing
Varenr :   bs-909T
På lager:  1

En perfekt 1:10 Monster Truck med børsteløs motor!
Inkludert:2,4GHz Radio

Monster Truck 909T er en perfekt 1/10 elektrisk…

Bil TAMIYA LANDFREEDER (CC-01)<img src=images/rab15.png>
Merke :   Tamiya
Varenr :   ta-58579
På lager:  1

The LandFreeder is inspired by the look of a '80s pick-up truck. The body of this truck newly designed and…

Bil Xray XT2 - 18 Spec - 2WD 1/10 Electric Stadium Truck<img src=images/rab15.png>
Merke :   Xray
Varenr :   xr-320201
På lager:  2

The XT2 is typical XRAY; premium, professional, high-competition R/C car for the most demanding racers, developed with attention to the…

Bil Xray XT2 - 2WD 1/10 Electric Stadium Truck<img src=images/rab20.png>
Merke :   Xray
Varenr :   xr-320200
På lager:  2

With our long-term experience with the World Championship XB4 platform, we applied all that knowledge to the XB2 platform and…