3 Channel Receiver R3wp 2,4 Ghz ? Water Proof<br><i><h10-4r>Bestillingsvare.</h10-4r></i>
Merke :   Absima
Varenr :   ab-2020002
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Absima R3WP Reveiver:

* 2,4Ghz A.F.H.D.S.system
* Water resistant
* 3 channels
* Failsafe function
* Measurements: 35 x…

4-Channel Receiver R4wp Mini Ultimate 2.4 Ghz CR4T Ultimate<br><i><h10-4r>Bestillingsvare.</h10-4r></i>
Merke :   Absima
Varenr :   ab-2020012
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Denne mottaker passer til Absima CR4T – Ultimate

2.4GHz A.F.H.D.S.2
4-channel receiver R4WPmini
4.8V – 7.4V
Failsave function (programmable)
Measure: 35x21x12mm…

Hitec Micro Receiver Hfs-04mi Single 27mhz
Merke :   Hitec
Varenr :   hi-24127
På lager:  2
Mottaker - HPI RF-2 Am 27mhz /4ch - u/krystall
Merke :   HPI
Varenr :   hp-80555
På lager:  1
Mottaker 27mhz AM 2-Channel
Merke :   LRP
Varenr :   lr-122013
På lager:  1
Mottaker Sanwa RX-471 - 2.4GHz
Merke :   Sanwa
Varenr :   sw-107A41111A
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Sanwa Mottaker RX-471 2.4Ghz 4ch. Mottaker til bil/båt. Denne mottakeren kan brukes mot FHSS-3-radioene fra Sanwa/Airtronics.

* Nominal Input Voltage: 4.8-7.4V

Radio CR3P - 3 Kanals - 2,4GHz<br><i><h10-4r>Bestillingsvare.</h10-4r></i>
Merke :   Absima
Varenr :   ab-2000002
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CPU Radios are every rc car or boat drivers dream! But what you dream of? It’s as much fuctions as…

Radiosender - CR4T - 2,4ghz m/ Touch Panel og Telemetri<br><i><h10-4r>Bestillingsvare.</h10-4r></i>
Merke :   Absima
Varenr :   ab-2000005
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Ny moderne smart radio fra Absima. Den har nå lynrasksignaloverføring. 8ms!!!
CR4T har ett stort TOUCH DISPLAY navigerer du del lett…

Radiosender - Hitec Optic 5
Merke :   Hitec
Varenr :   hi-160240
På lager:  1

Automatically mixes rudder and elevator to control a V-tail or mixes aileron and elevator outputs to create elevons.

Radiosender - Lrp C3-Stx Pro - 2,4ghz
Merke :   LRP
Varenr :   lr-87000
På lager:  1

With the C3-STX Pro 2.4GHz F.H.S.S. LRP is presenting one of the most advanced and successful transmitters of today. This…

Sanwa mottaker RX-482 Built-In antenna for EP & GP cars
Merke :   Sanwa
Varenr :   sw-107A41257A
På lager:  1

2.4GHz FHSS4/FHSS3 Spread spectrum system 4ch
Sanwa Super Response (SSR) support
Lightest receiver in class

Frequency: 2.4GHz FHSS4/FHSS3
Channel: 4ch
Nominal Input Voltage: 4.8…