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After-Run Olje
Merke :   Hudy
Varenr :   hu-106250
På lager:  5

Specially-developed high-quality engine after-run oil to be used in any nitro engine. Engine corrosion protection oil used when storing engine…

Differensial Fett - Super
Merke :   Hudy
Varenr :   hu-106212
På lager:  4

HUDY Super Diff Grease is a high-performance, model racing car general-purpose silicone-based grease. With a thicker viscosity than standard diff…

Engine Maintenance Oil
Merke :   Mugen
Varenr :   mu-B0303
På lager:  2
Grafitt Fett (for Trustelager Etc.)
Merke :   Hudy
Varenr :   hu-106210
På lager:  4

The HUDY Graphite Grease comes in a handy small tube and is easy to apply.

*Special formulation provides outstanding load-carrying…

Joint Grease - Hudy
Merke :   Hudy
Varenr :   hu-106213
På lager:  5

For use in all joints, in all conditions
* HUDY’s own secret blend mixture
* Stable lubricant component
* Easy storage
* Easy use…

Luftfilter Olje
Merke :   Hudy
Varenr :   hu-106240
På lager:  6

Specially-developed high-quality air filter oil is extra sticky and easily applied to the air filters of any nitro car. This…

Oil Bottle, Nose, Steel Needle & Safety Lock - 5ml (3 stk)
Merke :   Hudy
Varenr :   hu-106900
På lager:  4

* Great bottles for any oils
* Dropper or needle nozzles
* Easy storage
* Safety lock cover
* Convenient size
* Easy to use


Olje En-Veis Lager
Merke :   Hudy
Varenr :   hu-106231
På lager:  0

High-quality HUDY One-Way Bearing Oil is used to lubricate one-way bearings for ultra-smooth operation and long lifespan. Super thin to…

Olje Kulelager
Merke :   Hudy
Varenr :   hu-106230
På lager:  7

High-quality HUDY Bearing Oil is used to lubricate bearings for ultra-smooth operation and long lifespan. Very good for use on…