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Dekk 1/8 Off-Road - Beta Cubex - preglued - medium soft
Merke :   Beta
Varenr :   be-BE2114MS
På lager:  4

This Mini Pin tire will amaze on smooth and clean tracks surfaces. When these conditions are combined, this tire is…

Dekk 1/8 Off-Road - Beta Freeride - preglued - super soft
Merke :   Beta
Varenr :   be-BE2112SS
På lager:  9

This pattern works well on really high grip tracks.

They can also be used on dusty tracks as the Freeride…

Dekk 1/8 Off-Road - Beta V-Max - preglued - super soft
Merke :   Beta
Varenr :   be-BE2111SS
På lager:  2

The all round tire. Fantastic profile and a perfected tread pattern. V-Max can be used on all surfaces and excels…