• Varenr: hn-HN011-00
  • Fabrikat: Hobbynox
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This is a 3 meter long braided airbrush hose with a G1/8 threaded coupler in one end and a G1/4 coupler in the other end.

Suitable for:
All airbrushes that has an G1/8 BSP thread (like all our Hobbynox Airbrushes) that's connected to an air compressor with an male G1/4 BSP coupler
A Mini Spray Gun (like our RUBY) with an G1/4 BSP coupler that's attached to an airbrush compressor with an G1/8 BSP coupler (like all our Hobbynox Compressors)

Hobbynox RUBY Mini Spray Gun
Hobbynox FLOW-BF Airbrush
Hobbynox FLOW-TF Airbrush
Hobbynox TARA Airbrush
Plus many of Iwata?, Harder & Steenbeck? and many more airbrushes that has G1/8" threads
Hobbynox Airbrush Compressors
Hobbynox Airbrush Mini Air Filter
Hobbynox Quick Release Couplers
Hobbynox Air Regulator

It does NOT fit:
Aztek?, Badger@ or Thayer & Chandler? airbrushes etc

Braided Flexible Hose
3 meter long
One Female G1/8 threaded coupler (for either all Hobbynox Airbrushes or all Hobbynox Airbrush Compressors)
One Female G1/4 threaded coupler (for either the RUBY Mini Spray Gun or a compressor with a G1/4 male coupler)
Booth threaded couplers includes an o-ring seal

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