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The HUDY "Lightweight" 1/8 Off-Road Set-Up Board is an exceptionally flat, warp-resistant and lightweight set-up board, making it a perfect surface for 1/8 off-road chassis set-up. The board is wide enough to ensure that the setup system pieces will fit properly on the board.

A flat setup board is a basic yet essential item for proper geometry setup adjustment to ensure precise and accurate measurements. The board is made from a core of specially pressed wooden material, the manufacturing of which ensures constant thickness and warp resistance. The exterior of the flat setup board is a special plastic coating that is bonded to the core by very high pressure, ensuring an extremely flat, tough, and durable exterior. Outer edges are covered with a special plastic material to prevent corner and edge damage from regular or extreme use. The board's exterior may be cleaned with most cleaners though highly-abrasive cleaners are not recommended so as not to mar the fine finish and good looks.

  • Exceptionally flat, warp-resistant setup board suitable for setting up 1/8 buggies and truggies
  • Smooth, tough plastic coating is easily cleanable
  • Extra protection on edges
  • Wide enough to fit car and fitted setup system components
  • Comfortable & very precise setup adjustments
  • A "must have" item for serious racers